Monday, November 1, 2010


Still in beta, Blekko is a new search engine that uses "slashtags."  The idea is that when doing a search you can use "/" to narrow down your search and help you with finding exactly what you are looking for.  You can even use multiple slashtags in one search.  You can even use a slashtag to limit the search to most recent information.  For more information, it would be worthwhile to watch the video where the CEO explains how Blekko works and what a slashtag is.

You can also look in the slashtag directory in order to learn the types of slashtags that you can use. You can also create an account which enables you can create your own slashtags. but also allows the personalization of your own search engine.  I could really see this useful for students and teachers trying to narrow down searches.  It would be beneficial for Blekko to have an education directory of slashtags that educators could use.

Something tells me that slashtag will be added to Webster's dictionary soon.

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