Monday, November 1, 2010

Music and EdTech

Many subjects get left out when it comes to integrating technology in the classroom.  One of those subjects is Music Education.  Partly because it is not tested, and also because so many "leaders" don't see the value in music education.  My argument is that apparently our politicians must never have been musically gifted.

The Technology Institute for Music Education is a non-profit organization that provides PD and technology certification in music education.  Members to this site can have access to lesson plans, grant writing advice, discussion groups, and links to various resources related to music education and technology.  There is a membership fee, but if you are, or know a teacher who is passionate about music and technology, this would be a great organization to be a member of. 

Music Educators Professional Learning Network is a social network for music teachers.  There is a discussion board, a place to join various groups, and a blog.  This would be a great place for music teachers to start connecting with each other. 

Music EdTech is a website created and maintained by a music teacher who is passionate about technology in music education.  She has a blog where she shares experiences and resources.  Another great resource for inspiration.

The National Association for Music Education is another site for music teachers where they can become members and therefore access tons of resources.  They don't focus solely on EdTech, but they do have resources available for music teachers.  The site is broken down by various music education subject matter as well to help teachers find resources.

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