Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly Core Subjects Resources

Another week, another great set of resources for the Math, Science, Social Studies, and English.  Hope you find some resources that you can use.

The Poetry Foundation is a site to learn about poetry, read poetry, and search for poetry.  You can browse categories for poetry to share with students.  You might also use this site to search for poetry to see if students happened to copy one from the site.  You can also subscribe to a magazine and letter.  If you are interested in poetry, this is the site for you.

Online Math Learning is a site with tons of resources for math curriculum for all grades.  There is also a practice test available for the SAT and ACT.  Resources are categorized by grade level, subject matter, and several other categories.  Many of the resources provides worksheets, games, videos, and other activities.   You can also find explanations and solutions for several functions that you study in high school math classes.

Cassiopeia Project is a site dedicated to "leaving no science teacher behind."  The Cassiopeia Project is effort to find high definition science videos and make them available for free on the Internet.  Without me retyping everything, I suggest you visit the details about the Cassiopeia project that really helps explain the site.  Videos are broken down into subject matter.  Definitely worth sharing with your Science teachers. 

Eyes on the Solar System is another great site for learning about space.  The site offers a "3-D environment full of real NASA mission data.  Explore the cosmos from your computer. Hop on an asteroid. Fly with NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft. See the entire solar system moving in real time. It's up to you. You control space and time."  The site does require a plug-in that will have to be downloaded.  The site is sponsored by NASA.

Social Studies
A Blog About History is just what it says it is.  Sevaan Franks posts interesting and historical facts about history.  Worth following for all those history buffs.

Historvious is a site to learn about historic sites.  Free Technology for Teachers has a great post, so visit Richard Byrne's blog and I will avoid reinventing the wheel. 

HistoryWorld is a site that offers more than 1,000,000 words on world history in linked narratives and over 10,000 events from world history to search for timelines.  You can also find several quizzes that you can complete.

How to Teach with Google Earth is a great resource for those teachers looking to integrate this great software into their curriculum.  Great information for how to use it and how to use it as a research tool.  You will also find links to several resources for how teachers are sharing how they are using Google Earth.

World War II Database is a great site to find resources, activities, lessons, videos, and images from World War II.  Highly recommend as a site to share with students for research or to use to enhance your own lessons.

The Economics of Seinfield is a fun way to teach a subject that many students have trouble understanding.  Mostly for higher education, but several of the episodes could be used in a high school Economics course.  Makes me wonder what other sitcoms I could use to teach other concepts in the classroom. is a must see and visit site for any history teacher.  Tons of links, resources, and activities for teaching history.  You will also find a history teacher spotlight, where several history teachers share their experiences.  This is one of those sites that has so much, the best piece of advice is to just visit it. 

Digital Docs in a Box is a site that provides images and documents from history.  The documents are broken up by time period and/or historical event.  You can find images and documents from as far back as the American Revolution till the Civil Rights Movement.  You can also find documents for Presidential Inaugurations, Native Americans, and Transportation.  A great resource for primary documents and images that is being coordinated by William and Mary College of Education, the University of Kentucky College of Education, and the Library of Congress.

Something kind of fun is a site to learn to write right to left like Leonardo Da Vinci.  Send in a Phrase offers you that opportunity.  Something just for fun.

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