Sunday, November 14, 2010


WorkFlowy is a site designed to help you create list and organize your life, work, personal life, etc.  It is very simplistic to use.  It is a free service and since it is web-based you can access it from any computer. You can use keyboard shortcuts to create your list.  I really like WorkFlowy for organizing information, especially for research or notes for a lesson plan.

This site only requires email and password, and does not have to be a genuine email address, so students could use it.  Since you can expand the information, it could be used in class to share information as well.  The site could really use an export to Word or print feature in case you wanted to print it off and provide the list to students.  To get a better understanding of the website, see the videos below.

Here is a video explaining what WorkFlowy is

Here is a video explaining how to use the WorkFlowy

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  1. So great, I have millions of lists going at any given point in time. I like the way the work flowy lists are collapsible so they aren't so overwhelming, lets you focus on one thing at a time.