Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biblio Bouts

What an interesting concept.  Biblio Bouts allows students to research sites and compete to have the best set.  Then through various methods those sites are graded, ranked, examined to determine value. The students who have compiled the best research sites win the "bout."  The highest rated resources can then be used for the bibliography for a particular assignment.

In order for Biblio Bouts to work, user must be using Firefox and have the Zotero (A free citation management tool, which you can read a blog post about here) installed on Firefox.  Once that has been done, then users will supply an email, username/alias, and password.  

There are four types of bouts:
1.) Donor - This is a general sharing of a resource/website
2.) Closer - These are what students would consider their BEST resource/website
3.) Tagging and Rating - Here students are rating the quality of their OPPONENTS (Other Students) resources/websites
4.) Best Bibliography - From all the submissions by the students, choose the top ten.

Students win by having the largest number of points taken from all four bouts.

There is a video on the front page of Biblio Bouts that explains a little about the each bout and the process.  What a great way to get students competing for finding the best research!!

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