Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Time Warp - Posts From January 2010

In an effort to share old blog posts that can get lost by continuing to post new material, I thought it would be a great idea to have a monthly post where I share "A Year Ago This Month."  All of the edubloggers out there share some great stuff, and over time, that great stuff can get lost in more great stuff.  Not only that, you get some new readers who might have missed your blog from "way back when."  Because honestly, how many of us when we visit a blog examine the Previous Post Section...especially from a year ago?

So, what were some of the posts from January of 2010?

1.) The Hero Factory - A great site for students to create a Super Hero!

2.) Awesome Stories - A great resource for hearing stories from people who lived during various times

3.) One Word, So Little Time - An interesting site that provides a word and a text box.  Great for free writing.

4.) The State of the Union Address Comparison - Using Wordle

5.) 10 Twitter Tools -  A list of Twitter companion software that you can use.

6.) Education Humor - A great blog to help lighten the mood.

Do you have a blog with a long history or share tons of resources that might be worth mentioning again?  This might be a great way to share with your readers some of your older blog posts that they might have missed.

Now in 2012, I can just share this post, with posts from January 2011.

Have fun looking back and reflecting!

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