Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exploratree - Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizers are an increasing method of teaching content and concepts.  It allows teachers to easily organize information for students and provides ways for students to be able to make connections within the curriculum.  There are several kinds of Graphic Organizers out there, sometimes it is just finding one that works for you and your students.

Luckily, the site Exploratree does just that.  It provides the ability to view, edit, modify, and print various graphic organizers.  Each graphic organizer allows you the ability to add text, shapes, colors, comments, etc.  So you have complete control over how the graphic organizer looks and works for your classroom.  If you create an account with Exploratree it will allow you to save and store the edits that you make so that they are available if you need to make changes in the future.  An account also allows you the opportunity to create your own from scratch.

Here are several screen shots of the various graphic organizers and editing tool:

For a video tour of Exploratree click here.

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