Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Core Subjects Resources

The end of March is near and the school year is just flying by, yet the resources just keep on coming.  I am still amazed at all that is out there and that is available for teachers.

1.) Google Lit Trips is a great way to incorporate Google Earth into the English curriculum.  Have students travel the globe as characters in famous pieces of literature did....for example, The Grapes of Wrath.

2.) From the New York Times comes "Teaching 'The Great Gatsby' with the New York Times"

3.) 50 Great Ways to Use Graphic Novels in the Classroom.

4.) Weboword is a website that allows you to look at vocabulary visually.  The provide images for tons of vocabulary words.  Use the site to provide examples and then have students create their own. See a sample below

1.) From the School of Freebies Blog comes two mathematics related posts: Free Algebra and Trigonometry Related eBooks and Free Mathematics Software.

2.) MathsMaster is a website providing free mathematics related videos and activities for teachers and students. 

3.) Shared with me by another teacher in my district is We Use Math, which is a website that provides information about how math is used in the real world and in various careers.  There is also a section dedicated to providing Resources for Teachers.

4.) Math 2.0 Interest Group is a Wiki for math teachers looking to integrate technology into their classroom. There are a lot of valuable resources on this page.

1.) Science Demos is a website containing videos of science experiments.  There are over 25 videos to choose from. 

2.) Free Technology for Teachers has a great post on Five Periodic Table Games

3.) The Secrets of the Sequence Video Series offers an innovative way for teachers to incorporate astounding advances in the life sciences from gene research into their teaching. With funding from the Pfizer Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences, VCU has assembled 50 of the best videos from the public television series, “Secrets of the Sequence” to assist teachers in the application of genetic research across the biology curriculum.

Social Studies
1.) Free Technology for Teachers shared to social studies resources this past weekend and I direct you there to learn more.  Video on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Talking History.

Bonus Electives Resources
1.) Free Online Health Games.

2.) Artfinder - Experience the discovery of art.

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