Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Ed Funding

GetEdFunding, sponsored by CDW-G, is a resource for finding free and fresh grant opportunities.  The site is dedicated to helping educators and institutions identify the funding they need when education budgets across the country are getting tighter and tighter.  There are currently more than 750 grants and opportunities from various levels and organizations available to various levels of education.  The grant opportunities are monitored, updated, and expanded on a daily basis.  There are 6 criteria that users can search by, which include 41 areas of focus, 8 content areas, and 21st century skills.  By creating an account users can save and organize the various grants of greatest interest.

If your school or district is looking for ways to create opportunities and has an experienced grant writer on staff, this would be a valuable starting point for your district.  Administrators looking to help their schools where funds are extremely limited would benefit utilizing GetEdFunding.  As new grants are made available, you can easily find them on the main page and provides an easy way for staying on top of new opportunities.

Another feature of the site are articles and resources related to educational technology.  There are currently four resources available for free that might be of interest as well.  GetEdFunding also allows searching by keyword, which would allow users to search for content and subject related grants and other funding opportunities. 

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