Monday, November 5, 2012

Tuesday Teaching Strategy - 3-2-1 Assessment

3-2-1 Assessment

Chances are you have heard or done something similar to this instructional strategy in the past.  3-2-1 Assessment is a strategy where students take inventory of their own learning by sorting out what they know from what they have yet to master.  It can be used quickly to assess student understanding any time new information has been presented or a review of information is being presented.

In 3-2-1 Assessment, students will need to have either 3 index cards, 3 post-it notes, or in a modified version, a sheet of notebook paper with three separate columns.  On the index cards or paper, the students will need to write the following:
3. THREE things that they have learned and feel comfortable remembering.
2. TWO things that are not yet quite understood about content material
1. ONE question still outstanding about content material
            *NOTE – These can certainly be changed to match specific needs.

When finished, students can either attach the slips of paper to the bulletin board, a poster, or a piece of chart paper that has been divided into three columns for each part of the strategy.  The teacher can then review the notes to build a representation of a class’s understanding of the content material.  The results can either serve as a starting point to the next lesson, help extend a classroom discussion, redirect a planned course of instruction, or alert a teacher to a topic that requires re-teaching.

-       This could be beneficial for math teachers looking to find parts of problem solving that students are having difficulty with.
-       All teachers could use this prior to the review for an exam.
-       Science teachers could use this with an experiment so students can ask why something happened.
-       Social Studies teachers could use this to check for students understanding of relationships between events and time periods
-       English teachers could use this strategy following the reading of a short story and checking for symbolism in a poem
-       This strategy could be used during watching a film in class.

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