Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Two Bookmarking Tools

Quicklinkr, which is currently in beta, is a option for bookmarking your favorite links.  Users can copy and paste any URL and then the app will provide a visual snapshot of the link onto your "quickboard."  Quicklinkr is free to register and you need to provide the usual information to use the service.  Each quickboard will have its own URL that can be shared.  Students and teachers could use this service to provide information about resources pertaining to a project or a unit of study.  You can alter the look of your quickboard as well.  By registering you are provided the option to create folders as well. 

Listango is another option in a bookmarking tool that allows users to organize their favorite links in one location while also creating a system for keeping those links in various folders for easy viewing.  A Bookmarklet makes it easy to use the service while also allowing the links to be public or private.  You can sign up for the service using a Facebook account or by using the usual email and password for login purposes.  For $.99 you can also download the iPad App.  For more information, see the video below.

Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Day One - Edcanvas
Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Day Two - Cubby
Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Day Three - NextUp
Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Day Four - Otixo

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