Thursday, January 3, 2013

3 Resources for Social Studies Teachers

HistoryOrb provides visitors a good "Today in History" resource as well as history articles broken down by region, topic, and time period.  There are also links to famous events, birthdays, weddings, deaths, and more.  The Today in History list goes very far back in time and can provide a lot of information about how history changes over time. 

Take Me Back To is a comprehensive search for a certain date and time period in history.  You get a paragraph of information about the date you select plus social information such as magazines, books, movies, music, etc.  There are also sample newspapers (which when clicked take you to a site to purchase old newspaper pages) and advertisements.  Buttons on each side of the screen allow users to move forwards or backwards a day, month, or year. 

Film Story is a website that allows user to a region of the world and locate films that take place or are about those regions.  The darker the country is shaded, the more films available for that region.  Information about each film is provided and the themes that the films cover.  This is a useful site in finding films to meet an educational topic need.  You can also search by topic, time period, and type of film.  By using the advanced search, the website provides a breakdown of topics and time periods making it easier to find a film that matches your needs.  See my post about Movies in the Classroom for more information and links to other film resources. 

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