Monday, January 7, 2013

Mobento - Search for Spoken Word in Videos

I have always thought about a search engine for videos based on the content within the videos for when certain words were spoken as part of the dialogue.  I always thought it would be great for finding and logging quotes from movies.  Mobento, currently in beta, provides users the opportunity to do just that; search videos for words that were spoken.  Since it is currently in beta, the database of films is not a large one, but as the word gets out and popularity grows, I can see the popularity of Mobento growing.

When you search for a text you get a listing of all the videos that contain those words.  For each video you get a color coded time stamp of when those words appear and then you can play those sections of the video.  There is currently an Android App which contains over 600 videos which can be streamed or downloaded.  Below is a sample of what a search looks like:

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