Monday, January 7, 2013

Grant Wrangler

I recently wrote about Get Ed Funding, and after looking through my Google Reader I came across Grant Wrangler.  This is a free service that provides a list of grants and contest opportunities for educators and students.  With a decrease in funding consistently an issue in education, finding sources of money for projects, technology, and other resources is becoming another aspect of the education profession.  It is almost to a point where Grant Writing should be an elective course in university teacher education programs.

Through Grant Wrangler, users can search for grants and awards by content area and grade level.  There is a bulletin that you can subscribe to as well that will update you as new grants are available.  The main page also has featured grants that might be of interest.  You can search by key word and provide a deadline to ensure you don't get results for grants that have passed up already. 

If you are looking for free money, check out Grant Wrangler.

(h/t to Free Technology for Teachers)

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