Wednesday, May 8, 2013

EduClipper - Pinterest for Educators

Back in December I wrote about EduClipper when it was in it was still in its infancy stage.  It is now out of beta and has added several new features and can become a great homepage for teachers looking for resources, documents, videos, and classroom ideas.   The layout for EduClipper is very similar to Pinterest, so if you are users of Pinterest then you should be very familiar with how to use this service.  Educlipper allows users to do several things within the website without having to leave the page, which makes it much easier to keep and share.

By creating an account you can clip links, documents, videos, images, etc to your board and then follow other educators and share what they have clipped.  There is also a bookmarklet for easily saving what you find on the web and there is also a "Follow Me" option for your blog, wiki, or website.  If you are a user of Google Drive, you can embed your Google Drive into your Board for easy sharing.

I am currently not in the classroom, but those teachers that are will be glad to know that you can create different boards for your classrooms in order to share with your students and vise versa.  Creating a class is very simple.  You give it a name and then you can add your students or take the access code that is provided and share it with your students.  The content controls in your settings allows you to control what students have access to and what they don't have access too.

Thanks to Free Technology for Teachers for sharing this update.  For a quick introduction, see the video below:

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