Monday, May 6, 2013

Five From my Feedly

Two from Free Technology for Teachers this go around.  The first 10 Tools for Cropping, Resizing, and Enhancing Images Online.  Several of these tools are new to me so I definitely plan on checking them out.  The second is A Short Course on the Origins of Writing.  An interesting video and TED Ed Lesson that focus on the origins of written language.

From the Edublogger is Tips for Creating Secure Student Passwords.  In the age of online learning and mobile learning it will be important that students create safe passwords and protect their digital footprint as much as possible.

From the Innovative Educator comes 5 Ways to Use Pinterest as a Creation Tool for Learning.  I have recently caught on to Pinterest but have not yet thought about the best ways to use it in education.  The post provides some interesting ways to do so.  If you are using Pinterest for personal interest, this blog post might help you discover some professional uses as well.

From History Tech comes an interesting post about What the World Eats.  It shares images and costs of a weeks amount of food from various countries from around the world.  It is great for offering a perspective to students about the cost of eating and also can teach a lesson about being grateful for what they do have.  It also showcase an interesting economic perspective as well.  Highly recommend checking it out.

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