Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Will Google Glass Change How Schools Take "Field Trips?"

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While looking through my Feed.ly I came across this post on Free Technology for Teachers and was intrigued by the question about whether or not Google Glass will impact the future of Field Trips.  The post centered around the following video:

It is interesting to think about how this technology could change "virtual" field trips, but replacing field trips to local attractions I think is probably not going to happen.  However, the ability for teachers to connect with other teachers across the world and participate in discussions and field trips of global attractions would be a beneficial aspect of this technology.  I can imagine schools getting a virtual field trip to the Great Wall of China, The Pyramids, CERN as in the video, watching a production at the Sydney Opera House, or visiting various museums from all over the world (although I wonder about security issues).

I think about inner city and low income schools and how money is not necessarily available to take field trips.  I could see Google Glass being utilized to assist those schools in taking a field trip to places within their city and within their state.  I remember in high school taking a trip to Washington D.C.  Several students could't afford the extra cost on top of what they didn't get through fundraising.  Those students missed out on the Holocaust museum, the Smithsonian, Vietnam Memorial, etc.  This technology could provide opportunities like that for students.

It could also have an impact on "pen pals."  Students from other countries could use the technology to learn about the life and culture on a daily basis of students in other countries, with the hopes of possibly meeting in the future.  There are several interesting opportunities where I could envision this technology being utilized in the classroom; especially if it becomes more mainstream and affordable.

What are your thoughts on this?

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