Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urtak - Online Poll With a Twist

A new way of doing an online polling has arrived.  With Urtak you can create a simple poll, unlimited polls in fact and embed your poll anywhere.  The twist, not only can participants answer your questions...but they can also ASK questions.  Therefore your poll becomes more interactive and they might think of a question you did not, or an answer you did not think of.

Starting is easy.  All you need is an Email and a Password.  You can also log in with your Facebook or Twitter account.  Once you create an account it creates a URL for your poll.  You type in the questions for people to answer (They can only choose between Yes, No, Don't Care).  When they visit they will see your questions as well as a place to ask a question.  You can provide a name for the poll and provide a description.  Data is instantly fed back through the poll.

I could easily see this being a useful tool with students when trying to get an idea about the success of a project using simple yes or no questions, thus giving your students a chance to ask you questions as well.  I think it will be more useful when it adds more options for answers.  Still an interesting way to get information and ideas at the same time.

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  1. This is a really neat new poll tool. This would also be great for schools polling the community or parent body. The ability to ask a question is excellent.