Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wiki Wednesday #7 - Differentiated Instruction and Technology

Differentiated Instruction.  Every Teachers favorite two words.  Throw in technology, and you have probably added the next favorite word.  Putting them together might just cause a riot.  Well, luckily there is some help.  The Tech 4 Differentiated Instruction Wiki has a rather substantial list of resources, articles, and lessons for using technology with Differentiated Instruction.

The purpose of the Wiki is to gather and share resources linking Computer and Information Technology with Differentiated Instruction.  The wiki is the work of William Dolton who is a consultant and offer professional development opportunities related to Differentiated Instruction.

This Wiki is very well organized with a Table of Contents on each page.  Makes for easy surfing.  He also wants to know here visitors are from so when visiting, make sure that you mark your spot.  You can also find some useful presentations and videos used at conferences he has attended.  You can find plenty of useful resources related to content and technology.  Be a great addition if you are uding Differentiated Instruction and Technology, but have been wondering how to link them together.
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