Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TeachMeet KY

I received this in an email and wanted to pass along a great opportunity to attend a TeachMeet Conference in Kentucky.  If you are near by and wanted to go to a free conference where you can get some great ideas and resources, then this would be a great place to go.

When:  Oct. 22, 2010
Time:   8:30 a.m. to 3;30 p.m. Central Time
Where: National Corvette Museum - Bowling Green, KY
Purpose:  To share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology.
Who:  Teachers, Administrators, Educational Leaders

Presentations will include:
- "The 21st Century Learner" by Dr. Tina Rooks (Turning Technologies)
- "Virtual Field Trips and Google Maps" by Dr. Alice Christie (Arizona State University)
- "Google SketchUp in the Math Classroom" by BGHS Students and Drew Fulkerson (Bowling Green High School)
- "Turning Point Meets SKYPE" by Jonathan Stovall and Jonathan Carrier (Bowling Green City Schools)
- Using Twitter in the Classroom
- Developing a PLN (Personal Learning Network)

All educators are encouraged to sign up via Google forms to present and or attend at this conference. 
It is a casual environment with outstanding networking and practical solutions.

Please click the link below to register to attend and/or present:

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