Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Core Subjects Resources

I have been trying to think of a new weekly post for this school year (it has taken till October to figure it out), but I thought it would be great to share resources related to specific content areas, especially the core subjects.  Below you will find a resource for the four core subjects - Math, Science, English, Social Studies.  Not that other subjects are not important, and not that I won't add on as the year goes on, I just wanted to start with these four to start out.

Social Studies
101 Great Sites for Social Studies Classes - A very valuable resource for all social studies teachers.  Links with short descriptions of the website so you know what you are getting into.  They are broken down by subject and topic area and split onto four pages.  A great starting point for finding primary sources and resources for your classroom.  Share with the social studies teachers in your district.

Biology Corner - Shared through my RSS feed on the Educational Technology Guy, a great resource for teachers.  I even had a teacher in my building tell me they thought it was a great resource.  The site has loads of lessons and worksheets available to download.  There is also a blog with useful tips and tricks for teaching biology.  A handy resource for science teachers.

Neotake - An eBook search engine.  You can search for a title of a book or an author and get both a list of results as well as images.  It list a price and the format (site available) for the eBooks.  You can narrow down your results as well.  Seems like a useful search tool for finding eBooks, considering I think this will be the future of student textbooks this might be a useful site to keep handy.

Plus Magazine and Tools - Shared through my RSS feed on Free Technology for Teachers, this is a great resource to share how mathematics is used in the everyday world.  On the site you can request to receive free posters, listen to Podcast, and play puzzles related to math.  A very useful site for math teachers to explain how math is not just something you need to care about when in school.

Hope you find one of these resources useful!

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  1. This is a really great idea! A little something for everyone :)