Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Core Subjects Resources - English

Since I took a substantial vacation from writing on the blog, my Weekly Core Subjects Resources post for this week will be broken down into each subject since I got so many resources over the past 3 weeks.  So here is the first entry for 2011 and let me begin with English.

1.)  FutureMe.org is a simple website designed for students to write a letter to their future self.  They use an email address and choose a date that they would like to receive an email.  This would be an interesting journal entry for your students. 

2.) OhLife is a site for people to write journal entries via email when it sends you a question "How did your day go?"  As you start to use the site, it will include a previous journal entry to help you "Remember when?"  Pretty cool and a great method for students to keep a journal.  Signing up is simple and free.

3.) Writing Fun is a site that contains online graphic organizers that teachers can use with students to help make writing fun.  It provides various examples as well.  Teachers can then use these ideas to create their own graphic organizers.

4.) MyVocabulary.com is a site to learn vocabulary.  They have various games and puzzles to help learn vocabulary.  There is also a section for test prep as well.

5.) FoldingStory is a site for group storytelling.  Think of it as writing version of the old game of telephone we all used to play, but the purpose is to add to the story, not try and remember it all.  You can create your own, add to one, or read previously submitted stories.  This would be a fun activity for students to participate in for a classroom assignment.

6.) After the Deadline is a site to help students polish their writing.  Think of it as an online spelling, style, and grammar checker.  It is very easy to use and is as simple and copying and pasting your text. 

7.) The Luminarium is an anthology of English Literature.  What a great resource for English teachers to share and use with students.  The information is broken down into four time periods: Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, and Restoration. 

8.) Here are some great resources from the Blog I follow; Technology: Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit.  The resources are about how Technology Can Help With Reading

Here are this weeks entries for Math, Science, and Social Studies if you are interested.

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