Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Core Subjects Resources - Mathematics

Since I took a substantial vacation from writing on the blog, my Weekly Core Subjects Resources post for this week will be broken down into each subject since I got so many resources over the past 3 weeks.  So here is the second entry for 2011, Mathematics.

1.) Mathway is a math problem solver that students can use to get assistance with solving math problems.  Students do have to sign up to access the steps to the problem and there is a premium version as well.  As I have mentioned and wondered about with previous sites like this, why are students struggling with turning in math homework when you can have a website give you the answer?  It also brings up an interesting point mentioned in the video below (I know the kid can be annoying, but still worth watching)...why are we teaching something that students can learn and get from the Internet? 

2.) Museum of Math is a site dedicated to creating a space to share all there is to know about math.  They recently completed a goal of raising funds to open a museum as well.  They have a weekly post for using math in the classroom and is worth checking out.

3.) From one of my favorite websites, Free Technology for Teachers are 11 Mathematics Resources to try in 2011.  I could have easily listed all of them here, but I am no fan of reinventing the wheel, so I highly recommend checking out his list.   

Here are this weeks entries for English, Science, and Social Studies as well.

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