Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekly Core Subjects Resources - Science

Since I took a substantial vacation from writing on the blog, my Weekly Core Subjects Resources post for this week will be broken down into each subject since I got so many resources over the past 3 weeks.  So here is the third entry for 2011, Science.

1.) From Free Technology for Teachers, here are 11 Science Resources to try in 2011.  A great list and a great website.  There are several here that I have shared here, as well as some others that I had not seen before.  Check out this great list.  

2.) Scitable is a free science library and personal learning tool brought to you by Nature Publishing Group, the world's leading publisher of science.  Scitable currently concentrates on genetics and cell biology, which include the topics of evolution, gene expression, and the rich complexity of cellular processes shared by living organisms.

3.) A couple of links from the site Make Use Of.  If you have never seen this site, it is worth checking out for many resources.  The first site is 6 More Interesting Websites a Space and Astronomy Buff Should Visit and 6 Virtual Tours of the Human Body for Free Interactive Anatomy Lessons

4.) From Encyclopedia Britannica a great resource to learn about Discovering Dinosaurs.  

5.) From NASA, a great site for Solar System Exploration. Another feature from NASA is Visible Earth, which offers tons of images of earth from space. 

6.) Sixty Symbols is a site that provides videos to learn about the symbols of physics and astronomy. 

7.) Five videos and interactives to learn about the Scale of the Universe

8.) Ecofriend is a site to learn about renewable and green energy.  There is a great timeline to learn about the evolution of renewable energy as well.

9.) Cast Science Writer is a site to help students learn how to properly write a science report.  Science reports can be difficult because of terminology and organization.  This site offers tips and resources for assisting students with the process.

Here are the other resources for English, Math, and Social Studies.

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