Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Apps for the 12 Days of Christmas - Summary Post

I hope that everyone has had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying their holiday time with family and friends and not concentrating on work during this time.  A lot of the posts for the 12 Days of Christmas posts were set on a schedule, so I don't think I am missing any time with my family for these.  Anyway, I wanted to have a quick summary post of all 12 in one place, so here it is. 

Edcanvas - Helps users organize content into a central link and location.  Provides ability for various content, from PDF, to PowerPoint, to YouTube.  All your unit plan resources in one place.

Cubby - The next option in cloud storage with a little twist.  Get 5GB free, and 1GB for every person you refer with up to 25 GB total for free.

NextUp - Set a schedule, stick to your agenda, and let other see how much time is dedicated to each part of your lesson.

Otixo - With the increase ins cloud storage options out there, it will be important to be able to track and organize them all.  This site does just that.  All your cloud storage in one place.

Listango and Quicklinkr - Two bookmarking tools with two different purposes, both with features worth checking out.

EduClipper - Think of it as Pinterest with an emphasis for educators.  Share and find resources, articles, links, lesson plans for use in the classroom.

Share My Lesson - A website for sharing and finding lesson plans, videos, activities, games and other resources for use in the classroom. 

PodBay - A Podcast search engine and player.  Provides lots of information about the podcast station and also an iDevice app as well.

Quotebook - An App for storing, sharing, and reading quotes from books, websites, magazines, etc. - A photo story tool that does a lot of the animations for you and allows for easy sharing with others. 

Themeefy - A digital magazine for creating and sharing information, videos, and resources from the web.

ClassBadges - A website for creating and sharing digital badges for students when they succeed in the classroom.

In between all these posts, I also write a piece discussing the 20 EdTech Critical Vocabulary Terms most people here and provided short descriptions and examples when applicable.  Worth checking out and sharing with teachers new to EdTech.

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